Writing Style Guide Starter Kit

A simple template that helps you save time and stay organised.
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What's your time worth?

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Build style guides fast.

Essential information

No two clients are the same. Create a style guide for each one and add essential information that you can refer to often. 

  • Store client and customer values
  • Create audience personas
  • Develop tone of voice guidelines
  • Add common words and phrases 
Work as a team

So many people still use Word. The Starter Kit starts as a Word document, but you can upload to Google Docs and it'll work great there too.

  • Host on a shared drive or server
  • Put it in Dropbox, share it with your team
  • Upload to Google Drive and collaborate live with your team
Easy to use

If you know how to use Word, you know how to use the Starter Kit. But you'll also find a few features that make things even easier. 

  • Internal links for simple navigation
  • Macros for who saved last and when 
  • Familiar table layout for adding content
Why do I need this?

Every company and client has their own way of doing things. A good style guide helps you and your team write consistently and efficiently. But it takes time to set one up. The Style Guide Starter Kit does the hard work for you.

Who is it for?

Creative agencies. Freelance copywriters. Companies who want to standardise their written communications. Basically, all writers and companies who need to maintain one or more simple writing style guides.

What do I get?

Your purchase includes one downloadable Word document and one PDF of handy instructions. All future updates are completely free.

What type of document is it?

It starts as a simple Word document, but works a treat in Google Docs. Its handy features save you time and energy and its sample content shows you how to make it your own.

Do you provide support?

The Starter Kit should be fairly self-explanatory. However, I am very happy to help if you're having problems. Just send me an email or for a quick sharp reply, get in touch on Twitter. 

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Word document

The Style Guide Starter Kit is a single Word document designed for simplicity.

Works in Google Docs

Upload to Google Docs and share your style guide with your team.

example content

Includes sample content and simple instructions to get you started. 

make it your own

Add, remove, edit and tinker. Take it and adapt it as much as you like.